Why you should get involved in global goals

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Some companies and organizations already work with specific products and services that are directly connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But what about the companies that work in different markets.

Is there a value to pursuing social responsibility outside of your own scope?

Sure there is, and I will tell you why.

Just adding an SDG widget to your website if you work in renewable technology does not really make a difference. The bright and colorful stamp on your report will mean so much more if you have to go the extra mile to earn it.

My suggestion, pick one goal that is not a part of your main area of business. Try to find something that makes you reach outside of your comfort zone and that forces you to learn new things. Choose a global goal that allows you to meet people and organizations that you have never talked to before. The knowledge you will gain is a reward in itself and maybe you will even find things to incorporate in your normal life and business.

Is there something you can do in your local area that is connected to one of the goals? Is one of your main suppliers connected in some way?

If you have large corporate customers, ask them if they are involved in something and offer your help. If they are not, challenge them to do something together. It does not matter what you do as long as you do something. And once you start it will feel so good, for you and amongst your employees.

Today, 40% of the worlds largest companies talk about the UN global goals in their annual reports. Together we can make it 100%.