What we learned from our First Week @Sting

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Any and all entrepreneurs, regardless of how confident or experienced they ever may seem, will tell you that starting out in a new line of business always means plunging into the deep end without a clue as to what you’re doing.

You have an excellent idea, ground breaking even, but no experience, no references, no use cases, and primarily – no contacts. While it may sound deterring, this really is the thrill of the show, where you truly get to test if you can make your blossoming idea flourish.

But its rough. Tons of dead ends, rejections, redesigns and further rejections. Help is crucial and finding that help is off its own not the simple. As such, getting accepted to an accelerator or incubator program has to be a dream come true for any aspiring entrepreneur or emerging startup. Turning it around, I have yet to hear of a startup that laments their time at an incubator.

At RenBloc we were fortunate enough to get accepted to one of, if not THE, best incubator program in Sweden – Sting. With over 450+ applicants, getting selected as one of 15 accepted companies we feel extremely proud to call ourselves part of this incubator. And speaking of companies, we could not be in a more inspiring crowd of people! Excellent innovations all around us create for an environment where new ideas are born every other second.  

In terms of weeks flying by, this one seem to have been set to ludicrous speed. Kick-Off Monday, Planning Workshop Tuesday, Community After Work Wednesday, coaching sessions, life lessons, new ways if thinking mixed with best practices. And the occasional coffee breaks. If you don’t love this, you’re in the wrong place.

What are the lessons we carry with us from week one @Sting? For me, it’s the sense of community and comradery, the feeling that everyone wants to see you succeed. Give – not to get – but to help. Looking at the wall of Sting companies, past and current, this outlook has already proven itself successful. This is a wall of truly great names, among which RenBloc now is one.

Again, we are fortunate.