Sweden Demo Day Recap

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Last Thursday we attended Sweden Demo Day, a trade show of sorts for private and public investors interacting with the most promising of Sweden’s digital startups. It was an amazingly hectic day with tons of interesting meetups, talks, new business contacts and friends alike!

The point of Sweden Demo Day is to connect people in the startup world with both investors and potential new talents, all in order to advance the Swedish startup scene. It is an yearly occurrence arranged by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and since its inception a few years back it has quickly grown to become a staple amongst the community

And meeting and listening to the people at Sweden Demo Day really cements that fact. Here’s a few companies to keep an eye on coming out of Sweden Demo Day 2019:

SweBlocks Academy

An amazing company with inspiring founders SweBlocks Academy is an educational platform whose main goal is to reduce inequality between women and men in the blockchain industry.

Gimmie Shelter

Gimme Shelter transforms the housing market by making architecture accessible to the masses. Gimme shelter makes it possible for people to build their dream home in the most sustainable way ever.


At ImagiLabs they have developed a programmable accessory, designed by girls with girls in mind. They have set a clear target to increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields


Pliance offers a powerful tool for improving the processes that financial companies are required to follow in order to remain compliance with AML regulation. In a rising industry this is a forward leaning company to pay attention to.


Casablnca is the tool that makes you understand how your company will succeed within Influencer Marketing. Get noticed and stand out!


Mendi is the world’s first brain enhancement product. With technology currently being used successfully by NASA, Medni helps strengthen brain functions and capacity by over 50 percent.