It’s not my job!

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When I go shopping I make it a habit to always close the sliding doors of the freezer section that someone before me left open. It’s not my job but it seems like the least I could do when I see an open door. Maybe my small contribution to saving electricity won’t save the planet but there are probably a hundred things you could do differently each week that will wind up making a difference if we all do it.

Another example is when the garbage shute is full some people just leave their garbage bags on the ground
and walk away. Clearly, you have some other options than to just leave it on the ground. Walk to another garbage shute, go back home and   Even if it is such a simple thing like opening the garbage shute just to see if there is actually something stuck or if everyone else just assumed there is. Half of the time the shute is empty
because someone forgot their tag that opens the door and just thought someone else will pick it up for me.

We all complain about the climate crisis and sure, we support people and causes online but when it comes
to hands-on action most of us just stand around and wait for the government or the large companies to actually fix it. But there is a lot you can do in your own home while you are waiting.

Last week a bunch of Swedish kids did just that, they chose to spend an entire day picking up other peoples
trash in a city park in Stockholm. Instead of spending their Saturday at the beach they chose to clean up other peoples trash instead because they want to help.

They will never expect someone else to pick up their trash and they understand that if they want someone to
save the environment they have to do it themselves.

Lets follow their example, do something small but positive for the environment each day. And don’t forget to bring a friend!

#städamera #globalgoals #renewables