Hello New World

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This is our first ever blog post, and in keeping to tradition its a Hello World post.

This blog will serve as a news outlet for any and all RenBloc related news, as well as any news from the energy sector that may be worth reporting on. We are planning to launch in our site, news outlet and other services in early February (eventhough we are still Live as of right now) but if youve found your way here prior to that – stay tuned! There are tons of exciting updates to come!

We strive to make transparency key in the energy market, and as such we alos strive for this being a transparent and clear source of energy and clean tech related information. Anything that is just our thoughts and ideas we will clearly denote, keeping fact from fiction. We may not alway agree with the latest developments in the energy and/or clean tech sector, but that doesnt mean we will not report it truthfully.

We are keep to starting this journey, looking forward to engaging and entertaining discussions. Hope you want to join us 🙂

//Team RenBloc Nils & Gustaf