Three months of incredible hard work, determination and innovation has driven our journey towards SBC Demo Day 2020. Join us here to find out more about and see what the future holds for the energy industry!

Scroll down or click the topics above to find out how we have validated our product in the Australian market, and applied the learnings to our pilots and see the result of those pilots live here on our site.

Our pitch was live streamed to more than 1500 people across the globe, followed by an exciting and interesting  Q&A session. 

Please find a link to our pitch, and the full DemoDay presentation to your right. 

We have learnt and accomplished so much over the duration of the EA20 accelerator program! Thank you to all the partners and mentors involved on our journey!

– The Major Problem

The Energy Market is Not Designed for Sustainability

The future is all about sustainability, however the energy industry is currently not designed to provide the transparency that is the bedrock for sustainability.

Buying green tariffs, or renewable credits, does not mean that you’re actually getting green energy.

As consumers, we want transparency; we want to know what goes into the products we consume. However, that level of transparency is missing from the energy market. Consumers want to make clean energy decisions, but the lack the tools to verify the provenance of the energy they use.

– Talking to the Consumer

Sustainability is a Main Driver Customer Behaviour

In light of current climate change related events, such as the recent bushfires energy and sustainability have become interchangeable. 

85% of all consumers make sustainable purchase decisions, and 81% of them describe clean energy as “very” to “extremely” important. This equates to a $150 billion sustainable spend on clean energy by 2021 in the US alone!

How do we capture the behaviour of that new clean energy mindset?

– Renbloc is the Solution

Renbloc Provides the Transparency the Market Desperately Needs

Renbloc empowers you, as a consumer, through transparency in your energy sources, letting you know exactly what energy you consume – in real time.

Our technology allows for cross border trading, opening up for the first ever global, transparent energy market.

We let you optimize your energy consumption on sustainability not price. Our reporting tool lets you know exactly what energy you’ve consumed.

Early on in the program our technology was tested and validated by the team at EnergyAustralia. Want to know how? Reach out below:

This is already True in Sweden, but how do you Translate a Nordic idea into an Australian Culture?

– How We Validated the Market

We asked Australians

We interviewed Heads of Brand, Market and Sustainability for leading Australian companies. 

What we found was that clean energy is a major part of the branding message for these companies and a majority of the companies have openly communicated clean energy targets set to 100% clean energy by 2025Telstra and Asahi share this goal.

However, when asked how much of their energy consumption comes from renewables, none of them could answer the question. 

This is far from just a good will issue, but rather vitally important for both shareholders and investors. A positive clean energy message not only engage customers but also has the potential to drive sales.

But What about the Aussie Consumer?

We created a test product “Tropic Water” with which we ran two identical Facebook ads, with the one small difference – we added  a clean energy sticker to one of the products. 

Not only did we find that  the product with the sticker vastly outperform the one without, it had a six times higher engagement rate than industry standard.

On top of that, we got engaging feedback from real customers wanting to know more!

It’s safe to say that Energy Source and Energy Transparency are both Very Important and Highly Engaging in Australia Today!

– What do we Have to Show?

Renbloc is Already Delivering Value in Australia

We are excited to be launching two pilots, one with energy giant EnergyAustralia and one with global beverage company Asahi

For EnergyAustralia we’re putting out renewable indicator in buildings detailing exactly which energy sources go into powering that building.

Even though offices are closed due to COVID-19, we have still managed to collect the data we need and are now releasing our first indicators.  

We are proud to have already released our indicators for selected EnergyAustralia customers in April, and are set to release a unique indicator for the new EnergyAustralia Headquarters 2MQ, in July 2020.

Please find the links for the live indicators below:

For Asahi, we’re taking that same sticker that created so much engagement in our marketing trials and putting it on selected products, detailing exactly what type of energy went into making that product.

The test will run at selected locations which are geographically close and of similar size and demographics. Stores will sell both bottles with stickers and without.

This pilot is extremely  exciting since it will place Asahi as a thought leader in sustainability and clean energy!

Renbloc has seen high demand for our services in the projects and pilots we have delivered so far in Australia.

And we are not stopping here – we see a world of new opportunities, built in a future of Energy Transparency and Consumer Choice.

Clear, transparent energy labeling on all consumer products, empowering energy transparency to become the leading consumer choice driver.

This is what that future will look like:

These pictures are mockups and does not represent any products currently on the market. 

– ©Renbloc 2020 –

– We Need your Help

Renbloc ❤️ Australia 

We love Australia and in this we need your help to expand and scale our business!

Renbloc is looking for organizations that want to gain an edge in engaging with their customers.

We need help connecting with professionals skilled in branding, marketing business development and relations  to help us expand our team, scale our tech and model our business for Australia.

If you would want to know how energy transparency can help you in your business, we would love to hear from you!