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Disrupting the Core of the Energy Market

We want to increase the transparency in the energy market by giving the consumer the opportunity to choose their energy source and to monitor their consumption in real time.

We see a future where awareness in the energy market increases, and the power of consumer choice takes central stage in everyday life.

The energy issue is currently actively debated globally and market regulations are often very varied depending on country and region. The problem has even been raised in the UN, debated as a human rights issue. We are certain that an increased transparency will make a huge difference in how the end consumer will affect the future energy market.

We see this free will as a major step in the development of global democracy.

We want to increase the transparency in the energy market by giving consumers the opportunity to freely choose the origin of their energy, bringing purchasing power the energy market

Our Team

Nils Söderström

A skilled energy specialist with experience from consulting at Vattenfall's Renewables department, as well as as the COO of a solar energy company. Nils spent years working with energy clients in India, Somalia and Indonesia. He also founded successful online education company Coursio.


Gustaf Svensson

A finance major with several years of experience working on solar, wind and hydro energy projects. Gustaf has been working on renewable energy projects in China, Mongolia, Brazil, Norway and Zimbabwe.


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We Invest in Future Growth

The conscious consumer will for the first time be able voice their energy opinion by directly and transparently choose the origin of their energy.

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